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Vestibulum massa cursus at in ut dui massa et semper justo. is happy to announce to all our clients that we have finally gotten to that time of the year, we want to give back to all our fans and clients in Europe!!!... We are now offering FREE SHIPPING of Dr Robert Morse Botanical formulas for all our clients who are based in Europe!!!! Continue reading
KIDNEY FILTRATION AND THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM Your kidneys play a major role in the body. When we take a look at the human body simplistically, it is nothing more than trillions of cells and 2 major fluids. The fluids are blood and lymph. The blood is responsible for delivering the cells with the nutrition and chemistry that we consume. When our cells are finished using this energy they excrete/eliminate their waste into the lymphatic system. Cellular waste are very acidic and corrosive in their chemistry, that's why the lymphatic system, which is a series of tubes through out the entire body containing a thick lipid based fluid (lymph fluid) Continue reading
Where Does humans Get their Protein??? There is no doubt that proteins are used for numerous important tasks within the human body including repair of body tissue, hormone production, and nutrient transport. However, the mainstream understanding of the relationship between the protein we eat, and the protein we use within our bodies is very poorly understood. Continue reading
BOWEL DETOX AND RESTORATION A "true" detox must include the INTESTINES also known as the bowels. This is the body's main channel for the elimination of toxic waste and so important to your well-being that the Natural health movement Continue reading
PROPER FOOD COMBINATION Chemistry tells us when we combine a base (or alkaline) with an acid, they neutralize each other. Fermentation and putrefaction then become the digesters, instead of digestive enzymes. This causes improper food breakdown and many unwanted chemical changes, all leading to malabsorption, acidosis and cellular starvation. Protein-dominating foods when mixed with starches fall into this category. Continue reading
MENU FOR DETOX The following menu is for the serious-minded individual who truly wants to achieve dynamic health and vitality. This menu should also be followed by those with chronic and especially degenerative conditions or injuries. Those individuals who have cancer, diabetes, M.S. Parkinson's, spinal cord injuries, Lou Gehrig disease, and like, should get focused on the health of their body and its cell Continue reading
It is often said that the skin is the largest organ within the body. But what other functions does the skin have aside from the obvious fact that it covers our body and protects our bodily organs? Did you know that the skin is sometimes called the third kidney? Yes, it is often called as such because one of the skin's primary functions is the elimination of toxins. It is responsible for a quarter of the body's detoxification process every single day. And one of the most efficient, quickest, and easiest ways to help your skin get rid of toxins from your body is through dry skin brushing. Continue reading