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Common and Traditional uses of Botanicals!

04 Apr 2016

Common and Traditional uses of Botanicals!

There are thousand of herbs in use worldwide. Herbs should be organically grown or wild-crafted. Herbs might be consumed as teas, capsules, tinctures, blends or in fresh form. Herbs are the only hope we have of regenerating and saving our species.
Teas and tinctures are best, especially when poor digestion and malar-absorption exists.
Making a herbal tea
For making herbal tea, we usually make use of dry herbs.
Teas are simple to make. For each cup of single herbs tea desired, place one heaping of tea spoon of the dry herb and one cup of distilled or revised osmosis water into a glassware pot or saucepan. Best is to use glass instead of any metals, including stainless steel. When using several herbs, use one cup of water for each different herb and heaping tea spoon each herb.

Herbal infusion
Bring the water to boil, remove from fire, add the herbs and cover for 10 - 15 mins.

Cold maceration Herbal Tea.
Put 1 liter cold distilled water in a glass jar, soak the herbs, cover the glass jar and leave overnight in room temperature and consume the next day.

It also good to note that herbs works best when consuming natural foods like fruits, vegetables and fresh juices,

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Common and Traditional uses of Botanicals!

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