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09 Apr 2016

Chemistry tells us when we combine a base (or alkaline) with an acid, they neutralize each other. Fermentation and putrefaction then become the digesters, instead of digestive enzymes. This causes improper food breakdown and many unwanted chemical changes, all leading to malabsorption, acidosis and cellular starvation. Protein-dominating foods when mixed with starches fall into this category.
The two most important food-combination tips are, first, to never mix proteins with carbohydrates , and second, to separate your consumption of fruits or melons from any other type of food.
If you observe proper food combination you will end the acid regurgitation, ulcerations, bloating and gas commonly caused by violating these natural rules. Keep in mind that the fewer types of foods you combine, the better the digestion of your foods will be.Simplicity is always best. Is not how much you eat, but whether you can digest, absorb, utilize and eliminate what you have eaten.
Keep your diet simple and keep your life simple. Be happy when you eat. Never eat when you're angry or upset, as this causes elevated stomach acids that can neutralize your digestive efforts and create acidosis. Relax and enjoy what you are eating. Chew your foods well, as the first stage of digestion takes place in your mouth. Try not to drink with your meals, as this only dilutes or neutralizes your digestive enzymes.

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