About Us

Ever since I was a kid, I have always had questions about our way of living in this earth, I have always felt that there is something wrong, I felt there is disharmony between us and nature, I could not understand why people kill and eat animals. Dead animal flesh is very toxic and only breeds sicknesses on our body.

I also understood that eating processed, cooked food is bad for our health, cooked food is dead food, for us to be alive and healthy we need to eat LIVE foods, like fruits and vegetables, . People are aging and dying from different kinds of sicknesses because of processed, dead foods they eat. We are so far away from nature.

Having had all these questions, I then, started looking for answers and the truth. I read lots of books on detoxification, I stopped eating meat and diary products, I started eating lots of fruits and vegetables and noticed and experienced lots of positive changes in my body and in my life…. My health was better, I had lots of energy, peace of mind and better connection with God and nature.

I went further to do juice fasting (3 months), water fasting ( 30 days ) and long periods of raw eating.

10 years ago, I was opportune d to read the DETOX MIRACLE SOURCE BOOK by Dr Robert Morse, reading this book, I found all the answers for my questions and I found the whole truth, and I was convinced that we are fruitarians. (vegetables and nuts are accepted)

I also understood that human body can be detoxificated and regenerated.

Out of passion and admiration, I traveled all the way from Europe to Florida, United States in 2008 to meet Dr Robert Morse, and in 2009, i took my certificate as a detoxification and regeneration specialist level 1, from Dr Morse international school of detoxification.

I am now a practicing practitioner in Europe, and i have helped hundreds of people heal their health issues. I help and guard people through detoxification and regeneration process, I also recommend and work with Dr Morse herbs (Dr Morse Botanical formulas), I put my clients in detox program and assist them in choosing the right herbs to take.

If you will like me to guard you on how to naturally have a healthy lifestyle, then click on the book for appointment button now. Love and light.

Angela Ilascu