Hurom Slow Juicer HE Series HU-500 SILVER - 1st Generation

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Product Code: Hurom Slow Juicer HE Series HU-500 SILVER - 1st Generation
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Hurom Juicer HU-500 - SILVER  (HE SERIES)


Hurom Juicer HU-500 - SILVER  (HE SERIES)


Ease of use:
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Ease of cleaning:
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Dishwasher safe:
BPA Free:
R.P.M. :
Feed Chute:
32 x 45 mm
Juices Wheatgrass?:
5.9 kg / 9 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH):
160 x 218 x 405 mm
Warranty Motor:
5 Years
Warranty Parts:
1 Year
Single Auger (Vertical)




Hurom Juicer HU-500 HE Series

The Hurom Slow Juicer HU500 HE Series is one of the first generation models  released in the UK and features the new juice cap and its sleek new design  gives it a more contemporary look over older models. The squeezing screw  and juice strainer are made from GE-Ultem material which is eight times  stronger than the normal plastics used on juicers - which in our experience  has cut down the number of breakages considerably. All parts that come into  contact with juice are BPA Free.

The new design juice bowl is fitted with  the new silicone juice cap which prevents the juice from exiting the bowl  until the cap is opened, allowing ingredients to be mixed together before  opening the cap to release the liquid. This is a bonus when making drinks  like soya milk, nut milks and milk shakes, it also acts as a none-drip spout  - you will also need a milk bag to perform these tasks (available below).  There are incremental measurements up to 300ml marked on the juice bowl.

They have slightly widened the pulp ejection chute over previous versions.  The juice bowl now locates on the machine easier than before making set  up a little easier. Apart from these changes, the juicing strainer, auger  and motor are the same as on previous models. The coarse screen is included  with this model and it also includes the dust cover for the hopper.

Technology and Special attributes:

Hurom Slow Juicers are the new big thing in the cold press juicing world  and they utilise the Slow Squeezing System (SSS). Traditional slow speed  masticating juicers have a much smaller surface area on the juicing strainer  which somewhat restricts the juice exiting. Hurom changed that by inventing  the vertical juicer and moving the juicing mechanism to the top of the juice  extractor and using a strainer with a larger surface area which results  in the juice passing through much quicker after it has been juiced. The  result is a much faster processing time of around two minutes per litre  compared with five minutes on traditional horizontal machines. 

So the conclusion is that you are able to get slow pressed juice in less  than half the time of a conventional masticating juicer. Historically, customers  not wanting to bother with the hassle of a slow speed machine would opt  for a centrifugal juice extractor and for some, this was seen as a sacrifice  - as high speed juicers oxidise the juice quickly resulting in no storage  value. So with the Hurom juicer HU-500, you get the benefit of much faster  processing times with juice that can be stored for 48 hours with minimal  loss of nutrients.

Another benefit to having the juicing mechanism at the top of the juicer  means the the produce you feed in pretty much self-feeds as the squeezing  screw draws the produce in, eliminating the need to use the food pusher  with anything but leafy greens. The unique wiper-blade system rotates in  between the juice bowl and juicing strainer effectively cleaning the inside  of excess pulp to prevent the juicer from blocking up during use.

Scientific Evidence supporting the Hurom Slow Juicer:

Tests from the Michelson Laboratories Inc. and the Korean Food Research  Institute confirm that this juicer extracts: 42.7% more Vitamin C, 60.7%  more Vitamin A when compared to traditional juicers. This research was certified  by the FDA and the USDA.

Hurom Slow Juicer - Uses:

Whilst the vertical juicers are capable of juicing fruits, soft fruits,  vegetables, leafy greens and wheatgrass - we consider them to be more of  an all-round juice extractor. They perform much better with softer produce  like berries, pineapple and oranges which the horizontal machines generally  struggle with but if you mainly want to juice wheatgrass and leafy greens  - then the horizontal masticating juicers do give better results. So if  you are looking for a juicer to do a bit of everything very well, then you  can't go wrong with this juicer.

Cleaning and Warranty:

Clean-up is easy with this juicer, if you want to keep using your Hurom  Slow Juicer but need to give it a rinse in-between juicing different ingredients,  simply pour water through the machine whilst it is running as normal and  close the juice cap. The water will flush out the remaining pulp and juice.  There are two cleaning brushes provided with the Hurom juicer HU-500 HE  Series model to get at difficult areas. A one year warranty on the parts  and a 5 years warranty on the



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