The Detox Kit (Weeks 1&2) (WITH FREE HEAL ALL TEA)
The Detox Kit (Weeks 1&2) (WITH FREE HEAL ALL TEA)

The Detox Kit (Weeks 1&2) (WITH FREE HEAL ALL TEA)

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An Herbal Tincture of:

  • Kidney&bladder II
  • Lymphatic system I Capsules
  • Liver/Gallbladder
  • Endocrine Glands tonic
  • Parasite M tonic
  • Parasite G tonic
  • Kidney&bladder I Capsules
  • GI RENEW Capsules

Lymphatic System I

A strong detoxifying formula which alkalizes, cleans and strengthens lymphatic tissues. Enhances immune response and aids with the absorption, assimilation and elimination of metabolic constituents. Alterative, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant (strong), anti-tumor, astringent, demulcent, deobstruent, detoxifier, lymphatic stimulant and vulnerary.

Endocrine Glands

Strengthens, tones and regenerates the endocrine gland system, including but not limited to the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, para-thyroids, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, ovaries and prostate. Alterative, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, demulcent, deobstruent, detoxicant, nutritive, tonic and vulnerary.

Kidney & Bladder I

Alterative, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic (mild), antiseptic, astringent, deobstruent (detoxificant), diuretic, lithotropic, nervine and tonic.

Liver & Gallbladder

A strong liver and gallbladder tonic, promotes hepatic functions, increases the production and storage of bile. Protects liver cells from chemical damage. Alterative, antibilious, anti-inflammatory, astringent, bitter tonic, carminative, cholagogue, demulcent, deobstruent, depurative, detoxicant, laxative (very mild), nutritive, stimulant (mild) and vulnerary.

Parasite G

Alterative, anthelmintic, anti-parasitic, (includes worms, flukes, and micro-organisms), astringent.

Parasite M

Alterative, anthelmintic, anti-parasitic (includes anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, etc.), astringent.

Stomach & Bowels #

Absorbent, alterative, anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic (anti-parasitic, anti-spasmodic, antiseptic, astringent, bitters tonic, cholagogue, demulcent, deobstruent, laxative, mucilage, nervine, nutritive, protective, stimulant (mild), stomachic and vulnerary.

Suggested Usage

General: 1 full dropper 3 to 6 times a day for each tincture.

Acute: 1 full dropper every 2 to 4 hours.

Stomach & Bowels Capsules: 1 to 3 capsules in the morning, 1 to 3 capsules in the evening. Increase or decrease as needed.

We recommend burning the alcohol off! Place 1 to 3 oz. of simmering (not boiling) distilled water into an empty cup, then put all your liquid formulas together into the cup of water, let cool (approx. 10 minutes or so) and then consume. OR - you may put your liquid herbs directly into juice or water. May be consumed directly if desired!

The above useage suggestions are for your personal education only. If you choose to follow the suggested you are excercising your constitutional rights to choose life as you wish. Always take responsibility for your own actions! Research, learn, grow, be LOVE!The list of what this 12-week program may do for you is extensive and include:

Help clean your lymphatic system (your body's "sewer system")
Kills harmful parasites

* Increase organ and gland function
* Increase circulation throughout your body
* Help dissolve stone and lipid plaquing
* Remove heavy and toxic metals (aluminum, mercury, lead, etc)
* Clean and strengthen your GI trac (stomach and intestines)
* Alkalize you (remove inflammation)
* Drastically improve digestion
* Balance blood sugar
* Balance blood pressure
* Balance body chemistry
* Increase and strengthen nerve pathways
* Help remove tumors and growths
* Bring the emotions into balance
* Help eliminate menopausal symptoms
* Balance and maintain body weight
* Increase energy levels
* Help sleeping disorders
* Cleans and strengthens the entire body!

Each kit comes complete with a booklet that includes diet information, how to take your herbs, detailed description of detoxification process, and much, much more!

If you combine the diet recommendations that are included in each booklet, you will experience tremendous results! You can eliminate an amazing amount of conditions within this time frame. If your condition is more chronic or degenerative, we suggest you receive guidance from a health care practitioner or call our associated clinic. And remember, time and patience heals all wounds.


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