Spirulina POWDER raw bio 125g
Spirulina POWDER raw bio 125g

Spirulina POWDER raw bio 125g

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Spirulina POWDER raw bio 125g
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Spirulina raw bio powder 125g


Spirulina plantensis is a green-blue alga. Its form of existence has its roots in the most primitive life forms on the planet. Represents a complete food and a complete food supplement. Spirulina has been used for centuries for the nutrients in its composition and for its great quality, that of sustaining life. Today spirulina is grown organically on an increasingly large scale, and is recognized worldwide for its benefits as a food.

Spirulina powder contains essential trace elements and minerals, which are easily and naturally assimilated by the human body.

Besides being a vegetarian source of protein and vitamin B12, other major nutritional components are found in spirulina powder: essential fatty acids, phycocyanin (this helps assimilate iron in the body), chlorophyll (cleanses and detoxifies the body and helps eliminate metals heavy), beta-carotene (is present in spirulina 10 times more than in carrots), and antioxidants.

For more than 30 years, spirulina powder has been the number one supplement for a vegetarian lifestyle. Spirulina is a richer source of protein than beef or even soy.

Ingredient: 100% spirulina *
* from organic farming

Allergens: contains sulfites. Sulfites are found naturally in microalgae (spirulina, chlorella).

Nutritional values ​​/ 100g:
Energy: 1453Kj / 342.6Kcal
Fat: 0.76g of which 0.42g saturated
Carbohydrates: 13.98g of which 0.1g sugars
Protein: 67.85g
Fiber: 4.2g
Salts: <0.907g

Serving tip: The recommended daily amount is 5 grams 3 times a day (1 teaspoon has about 5 grams). It can be mixed in plain water, in your favorite drink, or sprinkled on salads. It is not recommended to mix it with liquids above 40 degrees, because it loses its properties.

Ecologically certified product.

Country of origin: China


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