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There are a lot of PH Strips seller in the market are stating their PH Strips are offering "Full range PH from 0 to 14"; but these PH Strips are not suitable for test body PH, since you cannot get detail reading due to the broad range.
To get an accurate Test result for Body PH, you will need to use PH Strips within the PH Range of 4.5 to 9.0 and with unit incriments of PH 0.25 intervals. Our PH Test Strips have these incriments and at the PH Range of 4.5 to 9.0

About Acid / Alkaline Imbalance

Acid / alkaline Imbalance can weaken your body organs and bones, and lead to variety of serious disease. In fact, most of us are "over acid" in our body, that cause by:

1. Excess emotional stress, physical stress and envionmental stress.

2. Poor digestion or food intolerances.

3. Insufficient oxygen uptake due to poor nutrient intake or poor breathing techniques or lack of exercises.

4. "Hyperinsulimia" or excess insulin intake, which lead to allergies, food intolerances and poor digestions.

5. Insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals.

The over acid condition can give negative effects to all major body systems, which inclusive of Intestinal and digestive systems, Circulatory, Immune and Respiratory System.

Health concerns associated with acidosis will be inclusive of:

1. Cardiovascular weakness.

2. Low Energy.

3. Weight Gain.

4. Bladder and Kidney concern.

5. Immune Deficiency.

6. Acceleration of Free Radical Damage.

7. Structural System weaknes, including of brittle bones and hip fractures.


What is pH?

pH is known as Potential of Hydrogen, it is a measure of acidity and alkality of a solution. The measurement of pH range between 0 to 14, the lower the pH reading, the solution have higher acidity; whereby the higher the pH Reading, the solution will have higher alkality. If the solution show reading of pH 7, it is neutral - it means it is neither have any acidity or alkality at all.

Please refer to the Body pH chart below for a clearer picture:

Our ultimate goal is to keep our body PH within the Healthy Body PH Range, with our accurate Urine pH Test Strips, you can check out your Body pH within 10 seconds !

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